burnside_rl_043     Pictured left to right Junior Kimbrough, R.L. Burnside, Little Joe Ayers

“See, I have a different type of music from other peoples. They playing the other kind of blues, and I’m playing cotton-patch blues…. Ain’t nobody now can play the blues that I play.” Junior Kimbrough


photo by Bill Steber

Well, well, well

The Son and Friends of Junior Kimbrough are a small band of people who were brought together by their love of Junior Kimbrough’s music. Some of us knew Junior well. Some of us are Junior’s family, a few of us are fans of Junior’s. Together we are determined to create a time and place to come together to share sometime and enjoy Junior Kimbrough’s music. Junior, WE LOVE YOU.

May 12-14, 2017 will be the 1st Kimbrough Cotton-Patch Blues Festival at The Hut, Holly Springs, Ms. The hills are alive with Junior’s music,



 Original Soul blues, Boy Lil’ Joe Ayers


                                                       Junior’s Chulahoma location, 1997